Saturday, 21 April 2007

why i didn't do well at school

During recovering from a heavy night out last night i sat down and watched one of the many music channels... it was playing non stop 80's tracks, now i see myself as a child of the 80's even though i was born in the late 70's, i spent a significant amount of my life growing up in the 80's. It was also during this decade that i was most impressionable... now i haven't heard some of these recoards for a while i would say for some of them I haven't heard them since they were realised and yet i could sing allong perfectly word for word.
Now i wasn't great at school and until now i put that down being dyslexic, being bullied, crap teachers etc. But now i wonder if Duran had sung about the Battle of Culloden - 1746 or if Wham had made refferences to the periodic table maybe I would have done better.

back from the wilderness

ok so i haven't done this in ages so you will have to forgive me...
this is for numerous reasons... it isn't because my brain was wiped by aliens and i have had no ramdom thoughts.. it is for a couple reasons
1) broadband
ok this is the main one, when i was writting this before i had access to 24 hour access to internet... then i moved and i went through a few phases of dial up to none to having some and not writting since then i have moved roughly 10 time... yeah i know it is allot but hey i live in london and i have an itchy feet syndrome... no there is no creme that can be perchased for this type of itcheyness.
2) not writting much
ok i know this is as above but i haven't been thinking about cronically about my life so i stoped writting about my life
3) topic-less this blog didn't have much of a direction before and so i lost interest in it... but i have had a rethink and i thought it would be a good place to topic the comic events that happen on a regular baisis... things that my friends have labled "chantastic" events. So hopefully you will be entertained.